Retained Assignment

“Search” doesn’t need to be exclusive, expensive or full of risk. FernWells refreshes retained search, and makes it relevant at all levels of hires not just Directors/Partners.

FernWells brings to market a new way of retaining recruitment capability. The traditional model of paying 3rd upfront, 3rd on interview, 3rd on completion weights the risk entirely on the client often including cancellation penalties and even a full fee if the client sources talent for the role themselves.

Our Retained Assignment approach, in contrast to the dated three tranche approach shares risk with our Clients, ensuring FernWells is incentivised by a successful outcome. We offer dedicated time in weekly periods, which is paid for upfront. This amount is then deducted from the final invoice (calculated in the usual way, a % of first year salary) when the successful candidate starts.

For example: a client secures FernWells’ time for two weeks at £2,500 a week to deliver SQS talent. They pay £5,000 upfront. The SQS is hired, and on start an invoice for the salary based fee less £5,000 is submitted.

Should we not deliver the successful candidate the retained cost is deducted from any future fee.

To date, we boast 100% successful completion on multiple retained assignments for a variety of Clients at Director, Associate and Senior grades in both Cost and Project Management.

To explore our approach and discuss a Retained Assignment contact us or complete the RFP form by following the link below.